About Patriot Genius

Bill Agress re-enacts General George Washington & other Patriots
as well as genius Albert Einstein

Bill Agress is available for programs, tours, lectures, and appearances at schools, historical societies, museums, conferences and events portraying Einstein, Washington, Hand, Mercer, Brearley, Hart, or Salomon.

Bill Agress is a re-enactor, actor, planner, and teacher. For more than 30 years he has been re-enacting various Revolutionary characters before groups from nursery schools to nursing homes. As an actor, he has appeared in plays and musicals at the Bucks County Playhouse, the Trenton War Memorial and McCarter Theatre. He is the former president of the Lawrenceville Historical Society. He has appeared as George Washington on the Amazing Race TV show and as Albert Einstein in videos for AT&T and Cognizant. He is a tireless advocate for the recognition of the importance of the state of New Jersey in the context of the American Revolution.

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