As Albert Einstein

photo of Bill Agress as Albert Eintstein

Albert Einstein-From Ulm to Princeton

Albert Einstein –  Up close and personal with Princeton’s eccentric genius (speech delivered by Bill Agress appearing  as Professor Albert Einstein)
Learn the truth about the world’s most famous genius.  Hear about his family, pets, eccentricities, favorites, childhood, schooling, hobbies, Institute for Advanced Study, how he helped Princeton children with their homework, and his famous theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein-Children’s Program

Professor Einstein will talk to young people (ages 4-13).
He will talk about his pets, his hobbies, what he likes to eat, helping Princeton children with their homework as well as his inventions and scientific discoveries.

Dine with Einstein

Enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner with Professor Albert Einstein. Whether at your home or your favorite restaurant, you and your friends or family may dine with Einstein.
Professor Einstein enjoys sharing his life stories and discussion over a nice meal. Professor Einstein is mostly vegetarian but also enjoys fish and once in a while a kosher hot dog.

Albert Einstein-My Jewish Tradition

This is a program geared to Synagogues, Temples, Men’s Clubs, Sisterhoods, Religious Schools, Jewish Museums, and all other Jewish organizations.
Hear about Professor Einstein’s Life and accomplishments but with an emphasis on his religious beliefs, Israel, Zionism, Hebrew University, Brandeis University and the Jewish students of Princeton University.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” -1952

albert einstein re-enactor at princeton ymca event