As other patriots

Col. Edward Hand – Little known hero of the Second Battle of Trenton (speech delivered by Bill Agress appearing  as Col. Edward Hand)

Colonel Hand , later General Hand, was a soldier, surgeon, statesman, patriot and close friend of General Washington’s.  If not for Hand’s amazing role in delaying the British on January 2, 1777 the 1st Battle of Trenton would have been a mere historical footnote and the Revolution would have failed.

Haym Salomon – Financing the American Revolution

This amazing story includes audience participation with a multiple choice quiz.  Haym Salomon was a Jewish Polish immigrant who raised an enormous amount of money to finance uniforms, weapons, and supplies in the American Revolution.  Arriving in New York City, he was arrested by the British for his anti-British activities and sentenced to death.  Using one of his 8 languages to bribe a guard, he escaped to Philadelphia and did this essential fundraising.   A moving and very little known about story.

Justice David Brearley – New Jersey signer of the Constitution (speech delivered by Bill Agress appearing  as David Brearley)

Chief Justice David Brearley was the first judge in US history ever to declare a law unconstitutional.  As chairman of the crucial Committee on Postponed Matters, it was Brearley who saved the Constitutional Convention from near collapse.  He created a powerful Presidency, invented the Vice Presidency, and concocted the Electoral College.

John Hart – New Jersey signer of the Declaration of Independence (speech delivered by Bill Agress appearing  as John Hart)

Hart, of Hopewell, is one of the least known of the signers.  How he and his family suffered due to his patriotism, even hiding among the rocks in the Sourland Mountains while the British ransacked his house, is a story worth hearing.